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Oh, for a pin to prick pretension!

When I was in school, I had to share darkrooom space with photo students infected with what we photojournalists would call "AFA Syndrome", for "Ansel Freakin' Adams" (or something like that...), the idea that the only artist-photographers were the ones who sweated drops of blood into the fixer and agonized over the composition of every shot like world peace hung in the balance.

And then I'd show them some Henri-Cartier Bresson photos, and they'd shut up.

It seems that attitude does not fully die out, though.

Digital art is not art because you can't work it with your hands?


So if Beethoven composed the 9th using Logic instead of a piano, it wouldn't be a masterpiece?

Art is art, and it doesn't matter if you make it with a Sinar, Holga or Photoshop. Get used to it, or get out of the way.

“Oh, for a pin to prick pretension!”