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The Classroom of the Net

Cringely's on to something here...

"This video sharing business fascinates me because right now it is a shell game built on a shell game. The video sharing sites are for the most part losing money -- throwing, HURLING it away in huge wheelbarrows full, rather like the hyperinflation that plagued Germany right after World War I. And these video sharing sites are buying services from content distribution networks (CDNs), many of which are also losing money, especially if you consider the possibility that some sharing companies will undoubtedly go broke with their hosting bills unpaid. The opportunity, then, is for you and me to start a business that further leverages this financially risky double play. One such example is comedian/impressionist Frank Caliendo, who sells direct his own very funny DVDs using a simple web site stocked with video hosted for free on YouTube and others. This guy has to be making a killing and it costs him almost nothing. Who needs a studio or network deal with a system like that?"

Ok, so what do you do that could be a) videotaped and b) sold as content?

Ok, besides pr0n. Perverts.

I digress...

The premise of Squidoo is simple : Everyone's an expert at something. But if everyone's an expert, and experts can be videotaped and their lectures sold, why not put it on YouTube?

“The Classroom of the Net”