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Digital recreation

I gotta admit, I love how all of Apple's iLife fits together. I enjoy kicking back and fiddling around with Garage Band, and making home movies in iMovie is a blast.

But sometimes, I don't want to be creative and build something, I want to mindlessly blast some pixels into smithereens. And on an Mac, my choices are limited compared to PC's. Settling down for a few minutes to guide my squad of Marines thru Beirut is a good way to end the day, but I want to enjoy the breadth and depth of games on my Macs that's out there for the PC. I want Battlefront's Close Combat series to be OS X compatible. I want a good air combat game. I want Harpoon. Badly.

And I'm not alone in that. At some point, Apple needs to realize that a "digital lifestyle" includes recreation as much as it does the creative side of things.


“Digital recreation”