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Profit to the people!

Ok, so a lot of this Pinko Marketing Manifesto is nothing but the marketing speak it claims to reject.


There's still some great nuggets of truth in there, nevertheless.
Amateurism means passion, curiosity, intrigue and growth. What the hell is a professional? You get paid for doing what I'm doing right now? Cool. How do I get that gig?
  • Ask your shareholders, Board of Directors and investors to kindly sit down and relax. If they've invested in a dog, they'll know soon enough.

  • Having a corporate blog does NOT mean that you get it. In fact, it mostly means that you don't.

  • The voices of the community, your employees and your competitors are more valuable than anything you could ever say. Listen. No...really...listen.

  • Put down the marketing plan and walk away slowly. It'll be alright. I know. You have a tough job ahead of you. It's called killing your inner control freak. I have the same issue.
via buzzmachine.

“Profit to the people!”