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Okay, so I missed a day.

It happens. I'll offer a full refund to anyone who wants it.

Today, though, there's a few rather cool things that caught my eye:

Songbird : The open-source alternative to iTunes (no iPod support yet, though. And if Apple's smart, they'll do it. This is just another way for them to use blades (music) to sell razors (iPods).

Netvibes is now Safari-friendly! Yay! Are you paying attention, Blogger? (Via Don.)

WINE coming to Intel Macs? The better the sooner.

, an open-source alternative to FrontRow, launches. If they get MythTV running on a Mac as well, I'm SO there.

Weird old postcards. Neat-o.

"Lighten up, Francis." (It's a quote. From here.)

“Okay, so I missed a day.”