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I certainly hope so

David Pogue opines that the digital camera megapixel race may be over. (Soul-sucking free registration required, or BugMeNot.)

I think that's a good thing. Consumers have been fixated with megapixels as the sole measurement of camera quality for too long. Trying to explain file sizes, pixel density, and lens quality is too much for them, but it's a needed part of the conversation.

What I'm not so happy about is the trend for digital cameras to have different styles and looks from one model to the other, even in the same brand. It's confusing to the user to have to hunt and search for the right button on each new camera they buy. The were standards in 35mm cameras, we knew where the shutter release was, where the rewind release button was, where the cable release went. Why can't we have that in digital camera as well?

(Via Camera News)

“I certainly hope so”