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End of the Road

Macs are overpriced! Macs are underpowered!

Okay, first, let's put the first myth to rest. Let's compare the 20 inch Intel iMac to a Dell

From Dell's own site:

XPS 200: (Small form factor to compete with the iMac's size)
Pentium® D Processor 820 with Dual Core Technology (2.80GHz, 800FSB) (A little faster, but the iMac's got the newer chip, the Yonah)

Operating System:
Genuine Windows® XP Professional (Equivalent networking capability as OSX. And OSX has features now that Microsoft hopes to have with Vista. Sometime soon. Honest.)

Video Cards:
128MB PCI Express™ x16 ATI Radeon™ X600 SE (Same as the iMac)

512MB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz (2x256M) (Same as the iMac)

Hard Drives:
250GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) (Same as the iMac)

CD or DVD Drive:
8X CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW) (iMac is CD-R/W,DVD-R only)

Floppy Drive and Media Reader:
No Floppy Drive Included (Ditto)

Integrated 56K Data / Fax modem IM [313-2823] 14 ($50 more on the iMac)

SAVE $100!! 20 inch UltraSharp™ 2005FPW Widescreen Digital Flat Panel (The exact same Samsung screen the iMac has)

Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio (Same as the iMac)

No speakers (Speakers are required to hear audio from your system)
(iMac has a small pair of speakers, you really need more, though)

Dell USB Keyboard EK [310-5234] 4

Dell Optical USB Mouse
(Same as the iMac, which now comes with the Mighty Mouse standard)

Office Software (not included in Windows XP):
Microsoft Works Suite 2006 - Includes MICROSOFT WORD plus much more!
(iMac: Pages +Keynote+Mail+Address Book: $50)

Network Interface:
Integrated Intel® PRO 10/100 Ethernet (iMac has built-in Gigabit Ethernet as well)

Award Winning Service and Support (If "Worst" is an award...)

Hardware Warranty:
1Yr Ltd Warranty, 1Yr At-Home Service, and 1Yr HW Warranty Support
(iMac has no in-home warranty service, length of time is identical)

Anti-Virus/Security Suite:
McAfee SecurityCenter with VirusScan, Firewall, Spyware Removal, 15-months
(Good luck after that 15 months is up!)

Dell Digital Entertainment:
Starter Entertainment Pack -Basic digital Music, Photo, and Casual Gaming SEP [412-0865][412-0856] 399
Separate Photo & Music Software:
Musicmatch Plus by Yahoo! Music- Music Player. Included in Deluxe and Prem MMPLUSB [412-0843][412-0838] 220
Separate Photo & Music Software:
Corel Photo Album 6 Premium -Photo Management. Included in Deluxe and Prem DPSPREM [412-0846][412-0839] 220
Enhanced Software for CD or DVD Burner:
Combo: Sonic DigitalMedia and MyDVD Plus (DVD+RW only) RNDVDLX [430-1353] 72

(These last three are an attempt to mimic the music/movies/DVD functions of iLife, which comes with the iMac. And it doesn't include iWeb or Garageband, so kick in for that, too.)

Adobe Software:
Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 6.0
(iMacs read/write to PDF natively)

Dial-Up Internet Access:
6 Months of America Online Membership Included AOLDHS [412-0687][420-3224][412-0787][420-5256] 37

Wireless Networking Solution:
Dell Wireless; 1450 WLAN (802.11a/b/g) USB 2.0 DT Adapter
(Built-in on the iMac)

No Bluetooth option. No webcam built-in, both come with the iMac. And then there's Front Row...

The total from Dell: $1864.oo.

The 20" iMac, to the same specs? $1827.00, with Bluetooth, webcam and Front Row included, too.

And to address the "underpowered" issue, might I direct your attention over here.

And that, as they say, is that.

“End of the Road”