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Door to door buggy whips

There was a knock on our door last night from an eager and earnest young man who wanted to sell me a newspaper subscription.

Newspapers. How quaint.

I've got a desktop at work, a laptop and Wi-Fi at home, and a web-capable Blackberry for everywhere else. I can be online almost anywhere I want to be, so why do I need to carry around newspaper?

It's not that I don't think the news-gathering part of journalism is going away, it's the medium. the paper part itself, that's soon to be history. Azcentral.com is part of my netvibes home page, as is Canoe.ca and La Nacion. There's no way a paper newspaper will ever give me coverage that broad, and there's no way it'll give me coverage as detailed on the topics that interest me as much as Strategypage.com, Brand Autopsy and TUAW.com can.

“Door to door buggy whips”