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Why Macs matter

This post over at Adrants brings up a lot of good points on the stupidity of MTV's IE-only web design. Aside from the fact that the early-adopters who use FireFox tend to be more web-literate and lead the charge in accepting other trends, like the very video download service MTV is trying to sell.

And then there's the fact that accessible, cross-browser design is better for search engines.

Ignoring all that, though, why do companies, even big companies like Google, ignore Mac users? The ability of Mac users to become unpaid evangelists has been well-documented. What we like, we like a lot, and that's nothing but free advertising.

If you want to appeal to the bleeding edge, making Mac users happy SHOULD be a priority. If you want iPod-like market share, you have to start out at the same place the iPod did: With the Mac community.

“Why Macs matter”