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Not bad,

not bad at all.

Due to reasons beyond my control, I missed last week's "Lost" episode. I've yet to get BitTorrent running correctly (I know, the shame, the shame), so I bipped over to iTunes and bought it online for 2 bucks last night.

I was pleasantly surprised. It took a while (20 mins) to download, but the playback, even at 1024x768, was great, easily equal to broadcast tv. I'm not going to archive it (That's what DVD box sets are for), and it was great knowing it was there for me, fast, cheap and legal.

Apple's got another winner on their hands, based on my experience so far. I was down (still am) on the concept of a video iPod, but having a backup to TV shows for we the TiVo-less is a great niche for them to fill.

“Not bad,”