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It's the users, stupid.

Walt Mossberg makes the point few are willing to: the majority of computers are used by the people who own them, not by the IT department, yet the vast majority of computer manufacturers add features that appeal to the IT departments of the world, and not the end user.

He mentions the one exception to the rule: Apple.

Gee, maybe they are the computer for the rest of us...

“It's the users, stupid.”

  1. Blogger Doug Adamavich Says:

    It's the stupid, users.

    Dunno what to make of the WSJ article because it seems to ignore one important aspect of reality. The small computer users generally don't have the expertise to utilize their information resources. Many of the small-time companies I have dealt with make very limited use of technology because the business owners generally are too short-sighted and tight-fisted to devote time or resources to their IT operations. They are hindered by their own actions because they don't have the knowledge that smarter (generally larger) organizations have. That is why most small businesses fail or just stay small, when other companies that are run better/smarter prosper. Look at the example of Wal-Mart for evidence of this.

    As an IT professional, I have lost a lot of time and money chasing the nickles and dimes the small-time operators dole out. Just as well really, they have chosen their path to success. Maybe 5-10% will find it, perhaps in part because they don't get IT.

    This illustrates another point, larger firms actually devote resources to technology. Mom and pop businesses are skinflints for the most part, they will not buy the commercial-grade equipment unless they have to. So companies like Dell go after corporations because they will actually spend money. Gateway chose to open their country stores and well, you know the rest...