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Right the first time

I managed to pick up a huge bolt in the truck tire on the weekend, and when I went to change the flat, I found the Nissan Crew Cab I bought new at Tempe Nissan came without a tire iron.

No biggie, mistakes happen, so I went to their parts department to pick up a replacement. They wanted to charge me $20 for something that should have been there in the first place. After I raised a fuss with their sales department, they caved in an gave it to me.

It should have been there in the first place, and it shouldn't have been a problem to get one. But it was. I'll get another Nissan truck when I need to replace my current one, but I'll now look around rather than assume Tempe Nissan will have my repeat business.

Compare that with the process of getting the tire fixed:

I dropped the tire off at Discount Tire. Their price to fix it? Free, because my wife had bought tires with them 6 years ago. And their cost to do the nasty job of re-mounting the spare under the bed and putting on the now-fixed tire? Free.

Whenever I need new tires, I'm shopping at Discount Tire, just because of how they treated me.

Customer service still matters. And I'd argue that in a click-to-buy world, it matters even more.

“Right the first time”

  1. Blogger oblik Says:

    I'm with you. I've been using Discount Tire for the past few years and they are, without a doubt, the greatest tire company. They change flats for free for us even if the tires weren't purchased there. And for the ones we did buy, free rotations. You can't beat it.