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A little TOO much.

So, we bought a house today.

Okay, technically, it's not ours until it clears escrow and we get the keys in a week, but the concept remains...

We did our walkthrough, and where we had asked for an outlet and a switch for an aftermarket under-cabinet light, they went ahead and installed a light and switch.

A rather ugly flourescent light. Not what I wanted at all.

The point? That yes, there is such a thing as too much customer service. Our builder *thought* they were doing us a favour by installing a light, but what they should have done is listen to our original request and just install an outlet, as we wanted. Now they have to uninstall they light, patch the holes, and put in an outlet for us to add our own light.

Sometimes, we don't know more than our clients, and an ounce of listening to their requests is worth a pound of "upgrades" they never asked for.

“A little TOO much.”