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I'd buy that for a dollar*

* double bonus points for the first person to leave a comment identifying the movie that used that as a catchphrase

Rex Hammock's talking about podcasting again, and has his lists of podcasts he'd pay to listen to:

"1. City tours (really, any kind of tours, including museums, historic battlefields, national parks, etc.) : I would purchase downloads of MP3s I could listen to in a rental car, driving into a downtown from an airport. Not like GPS directions, but fun, helpful information that tells me what I'm seeing as I drive in and gives me ideas of what to do while in town. Or, produce a series of 'jogging from your hotel' directions that tells a jogger what he or she is running by.

2. Mash-up music-news programming: I'd pay for a version of a 30 minute program of business news each morning that had jock-jam-type music in the background playing at my jog pace. I need music to get me over the next hill, but I also like listening to the news. Can't someone smash up the two?

3. Seminar sessions: I doubt I'm going to attend your $1,200 conference. But if it sounds compelling enough, I might pay you $100 to download each session a few minutes after it is finished. Rather than cannibalize your registration revenue, your session downloads are merely samplers for getting people to attend future meetings. Besides, I hate to break the news to you, but the real value of that convention you're putting on is the networking taking place between the sessions.

4. MP3 books -- self-publishing model: iTunes could, if they want to extend the long tail out long enough, become the Amazon.com of audio books -- Amazon.com is trying to do that itself, however. And Audible.com has such a headstart that Apple already partners with them. But (and I want to be sensitive here, as I'm a loyal and appreciative customer of Audible.com) who needs Audible.com and their short-tail, boutique approach to retailing audiobooks at ridiculously high prices? Watch this space for major disintermediation.

5. Motivational, self-help, weight-loss, exercise, how-to audio: This content is all over the place already...even on iTunes. (And I touch on it in an upcoming post "

6. Acoustiguide should sell anything they produce via iTunes. They probably won't as I imagine they view their business model revolving around hardware rental, or something. In reality, I doubt they'd cannibalize any of their rentals at museums as most people won't think ahead. However, the incremental sales on programming already produced will only increase the value of the short-shelf-life products.

7. As I said shortly after hearing the word "podcast" for the very first time, this is a perfect medium for certain CEOs. Unlike blogging, it doesn't require the CEO to sit down and write something. In this medium, a "scripted" presentation would sound awful. Authenticity would be rewarded and more times than not, when you get rid of scripts, CEOs can actually sound intelligent and passionate and thought-provoking. I would gladly pay Apple iTunes for an RSS-enabled daily feed of anything Bill Gates wants to talk about each morning. (I'm serious.)"

To that, I'd add:

8. Sermons. I'd love to listen to them again at work, too.

9. Mixes from well-known DJ's or artists. Think iMixes, only moreso.

10. Local music sets / jam sessions. Long Wongs is closed, as is The Mason Jar and a host of other local music hotspots, and I'm too old/married to go out at night to find the new scene.
I'd pay a buck for a podcast of who played Hollywood Alley last Saturday night, for one. And with a 30 second spot for the bar and a plug for the band's website to start the podcast, it's a marketing possiblity for both bar and band.

(Sorry if the bar references up there went over the head of most of you. Tempe had a great music scene in the 80's and 90's, but it's all gone now).

“I'd buy that for a dollar*”