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I don't want the world

Don blogs about how free wifi is a nice customer service touch, and it is. I frequent coffee shops that have free wifi over those those who charge, but that's still not enough. I've had wi-fi at home, work and school since 1998 (early adopters, unite!), and as I've said before, when I'm out of the service range on my cell phone, it switches over to roam, seamlessly, and I pay a bit more per minute for my air time. Why can't I sign up for WayPoint's service, and when I'm at a T-Mobile hotspot, sign in and pay a bit more for their service, without having to create (and pay for) a separate T-Mobile account?

If pay-for-use wifi is going to compete against free, companies like T-Mobile and Waypoint have to figure out a way to give their customers the same flexibility and freedom as free wifi, and fast.

“I don't want the world”