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Blogs gratia blogis

Somewhere, a Latin major is crying over that title... :-)

"Blogging for blogging's sake."

A while ago, I read thru this book as a way to get thru a creative dry spell. It's a good book on re-starting the creative flow, and her main suggestion (she works with writers, primarily) is to spend 15 minutes a day writing in a journal about whatever comes to your mind.
I'm not a writer. (As readers of this blog have figured out by now...), but the idea remains. Spend 15 minutes a day creating something for it's own sake, not for a client, for no other reason than to work on something you enjoy.

Hence, blogging. I don't carry a digital camera around with me 24/7, but I'm usually near a web browser, and I surf a lot (too much, according to my wife). I write about the stuff that I find interesting around the 'net here, on this blog. And maybe it'll be interesting to others, too (Hah!).

Even though it may be never read outside of my circle of friends and family, the mere act of putting thoughts into a blog each day helps my creativity. Keeping up a routine of posts in this blog for my own benefit helps out with coming up for creative ideas for other people. Don may talk about photoblogs being a neccesity for photographers, but even a textblog like this can help with the creative process, if it's done routinely, and for no other reason that it's fun.

How those last two are reconciled, routine and fun, that makes all the difference in so many different things.

Only where love and need are one
and the work is play for mortal stakes

is the deed ever really done

for heaven and the future's sakes

- Frost

“Blogs gratia blogis”